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Then there is the festival souvenir, usually an outfit relating to the festival's theme, and that is the subject of this exhibit.

Although the first festivals did not have souvenir outfits, there were Sasha-size T-shirts made up with the festival logo or wording on it, to sell at the festival.

They were made by Washington state sewers Kathy Weisner, Alison Seamans, Blanche Morris, Sally Christopher, Jean Jensen, Frankie Rice. Long dress from nine different printed cotton fabrics, plain white cotton petticoat and drawers, apron of woven striped cotton, fringed shawl of wool/silk blend, handmade leather boots by Jean Jensen.

Outfits sewn by Millie Dingham, Karen Furst-Meeks, Susan Lozier, Chris Kading, Shari Sams, Ruth Phipps, Tim Purk, Kathy Weisner, Claire Enloe, Sandra Wessel.

Because Sashaphiles are not formally organized, the sponsorship of the yearly festival is volunteered by someone who feels up to the task, and fortunately, every year someone volunteers to host the festival.

The first Sasha festival was in 1983, and has been held every year since.

There was a theme, so that participants could fashion a special outfit for their doll to wear to the festival and be exhibited (eventually morphed into the Dress-A-Sasha contest).