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That's technically two jobs, but hey, I majored in literature, not math.New Jersey Young Professionals is about getting out and making friends!I could have let Princeton define me, my relationship, my entire life, but instead, I incorporated Princeton as only a chapter in my story.

We had heard a rumor that 95% of Princeton alumni marry other Princeton alumni (this is definitely a rumor — no one at Princeton keeps track of this), and we thought about our future husbands, somewhere on campus.

Add in the logistics of driving around NJ to grab "casual drinks" for a first date and you’re talking about world-peace impossible.

Personally, I've struggled with the challenges of online dating, the last time I dated (pre-marriage) the internet was something that barely existed!

Patton's letter to the Daily Princetonian published on March 29, "Advice for the young women of Princeton: the daughters I never had," I wasn't particularly surprised by what she had to say.

The idea of acquiring an MRS degree while at school isn't exactly a new one; my mother had given similar, albeit more tactful, advice when I was in college.

What did surprise me was that no one, in all of the various reaction pieces, pointed out that while "the universe of women" her sons could marry is "limitless," the dating and marriage prospects at Princeton for those of us who are not visibly Princetonian, namely heteronormative, cis-gendered, and white, aren't quite as great.