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11-Dec-2017 10:59

His fingers kneaded her muscles from the nape of neck, to just under the top edge of the towel.

I like a woman who is open about her sexuallity, is willing to try new experiences, and not afraid to ask for what she wants (isn't this about your pleasure as well). Physically I am 6'3", 215lbs, athletic build, dark brown hair, green eyes (I've been told that have the Tom Cruise look except taller - I'll let you be the judge).Before she could protest, he trickled some more oil on her, only this time, right on her bottom.She gasped in surprise, and felt his hands expertly massaging her firm, round buttocks, as she fought to lie still.“ Oh my God,” she thought, “this feels wonderful!

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” Then, just as she was about to drift off to sleep, Glory's heart jumped, as he moved the towel up, laying it across her back, and exposing her naked rear!Lying naked, and totally exposed, and having a stranger touch her there, was almost more than she could stand!

' And then they'd say, 'I think I've seen you in a national magazine.' I'd sit there and say, 'Oh, which one? If you have enough guts to come up and say something, then you've got to be able to say , there was a little bit of controversy because I was the first African-American Playmate of the Year," she recalled.… continue reading »

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The 45-year-old wore a smart blue suit as he posed next to Miss Dhowre, who was dressed in a tight fitting floor length black dress.… continue reading »

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Going further, they should also then accept the theory of rebirth!… continue reading »

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