Sex dating no pay no credit card

23-Sep-2017 00:51

You'll soon get many emails with discount offers. They will keep getting lower and lower, and bottom out (at least they did with me) at about 90% discount, or /mo.

The thing I don't like about e H is that their supposedly great matching sucks, and you can't search for your own matches.

Use this card like you would a normal non-prepaid card. When you cancel the dating site, you can cancel the card, or remove most funds from it.

And when this card expires, if you do not want to renew your membership, whne the date site ignores your request to not renew your membership and tries to charge your card, don't add funds to the prepaid card and the dating site will not be able to auto renew. Also, if you pay with Pay Pal, you can cancel the payments, and I don't think the dating site can do anything about it.

A dating site member can contact other users after visiting their profile, seeing their picture, reading a little bit about them, their life, what they do for a living, hobbies, aspirations and what makes them tick.

I have not really checked this out so I might be wrong so let me know. Best way round it is to pay by pay by paypal then just cancel through paypal, mobile phone is another way which you can cancel by sending a "STOP" text, or just contact your bank and get the card cancelled if you think you are being scammed.

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