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After 2nd firing, the bases of the cups had to be grinded to obtain some stability.

The triangular form of the cups and handles are clear witnesses of the space age and besides that the set brings back sweet memories of Brigitte Bardot & St. Interesting detail: 3 different markings on the saucers, "France; LUC; LUC Vallauris" 30 spokes share the wheel's hub, it is the center hole that makes it useful Shape a vessel from clay, It is the space within that makes it useful Cut doors and windows for a room it is the holes which makes it useful.

) art nouveau Ginori, Richard (IT) Giraud, Marcel (FR) 1897-1985 Vallauris Girel, Jean (FR) 1947 Giuge, Marius (FR) 1909-1980 Vallauris Glatzle, Fridegart (DE) Gmundner, Gebr. Vevey (CH) Goldscheider, Friedrich workshop (AT, Vienna) Goor, Auguste Léon (FR) 1864-?

Lunéville/Mougin Gorka, Geza (Ungarn) Keramos Gouda, PHZ workshop, factories (NL) Gouda, Goedewaagen workshop, factories (NL) Gouda, Regina factory (NL) Gouda, Zenith Factory (NL) Goupy, Marcel (FR) (1886-1954) pr.

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Welcome About Recently added Stig Lindberg Discovery may 2010 Exhibition André Freymond Italy France Switzerland Scandinavia Holland Germany & Austria Belgium England Spain Links Alphabetical list Contact Thank you!atelier (NL, Utrecht) Luce, Jean (FR) (1895-1964) Lucerni, Hugo (IT) Lundgren, Bertil (SE) Leach Pottery Madoura, Atelier (FR) Maetzel, Monica (DE) Magnussen, Erik (DK) 1940- Malarmey, Jean-Claude (FR) (1932-1992) Malinowski, Arno (DK) Malone, Jim (GB) 1946 Mans, Bodo (DE) 1935 Manz, Bodil (DK) 1943- Manz, Richard (DK) Marais, Jean (FR) Vallauris Marcks, Gerhard, (DE) Arabia 1931- Signs FML Massier, Clément (FR) (1845-1917) Massier, Delphin (FR) Massier, Jérome (FR) Massier, Jérome (FR) son of Masson, André-Aleth (FR) Mataré, Ewald (DE) 1887-1965 Mathiesen, Olaf (DK) 1878-1953 Royal Copenhagen Maurel, René (FR) (1910-1986) Max Läuger (DE) 1864-1952 Mayodon, Jean (FR) (1893-1967) Mazzolani, Enrico (IT) Meakin, Alfred potery factory (GB) Meedom, Gudrun (DK) Meheut, Mathurin, Quimper (FR) Meidell, Jan (NL) Meier, Otto (D) 1903 Mein, Hanny (NL) Meister, atelier (CH) Melandri, Pietro (IT) 1885-1976 contemporary) 1921 Moreau-Nelaton, Etienne (FR) 1859-1927 Morozzi, Dante (IT) Mortensen, Ingrid (NO) 1941- Moser, Koloman (AT, Vienna) Mougin Frères, Joseph, (FR, Nancy) 1897- Mougins & Finot, Alfred (FR) (1876-1947) Mouton, Alphonse (FR art deco) "Alpho" Mucha, Alphonse (FR) (1860-1939) Mühlendyck, Wim (DE) 1905-1986 Höhr-Grenzhausen Müller, Ninon (CH) Müllertz, Malene (DK) 1949- Mumenthaler, Marco (CH) Munch-Petersen, Lisbet (DK) 1909-1997 signed "LMP" Muona, Toini (FI) 1904-1987 Royal Copenhagen 1870-1929 Noverraz, Marcel (CH, Carouge) 1899-1972 Nuenen, Wim van (NL) 's Hertogenbosch Nymolle Stentoj (DK) Nylund, Anita (SE) Nylund, Gunnar (SE) 1904-1997 O Obrien, Michael (GB) 1930 Ohler, Willi (DE) 50's) Papendieck, Auguste (DE) 1873-1950 Pattarino, Eugenio (IT) 1885-1971 Firenze "E. Amand en Puisaye Pont des Vernes (FR) in Pouilloux Ponti, Gio (IT) (1891-1979) Poole Pottery (GB) Popp, Walter (DE) Porceleyne Fles manufacture (Thooft & Labouchère) (NL) 1653- Porsgrund (NO) 1886- Porson, Henriette (FR) 1874-1963 Atelier Madoura Randour, Louis (FR) Rasmussen, Peder (DK) ("PR 58 Danmark") Rast, Uwe (DE) 1931 Raty, François (FR) 1928-1982 Vallauris Ravelli, Dick & Jaap (NL) 1943-1977 Raynaud, Jean-Pierre (FR) (1939-) Read, Alfred (GB) Lenci 1890-1974 Rivier, Jean (FR) (1915- Vallauris Rix, Kitty (AU, Vienna) Ruelland, Jacques & Dani (FR) (1926- /1933- Robj (FR) 1908, Jean Born Rodin, Auguste (FR) (1840-1917) Rogers, Phil (GB) 1951 Rometti (IT) in Umbertide Rooden, Jan de (NL) Rooke, Bernard (GB) 1938 Roos, Anima (Bel) 1956- cont.

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