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08-Jan-2018 00:36

I too had problems with NR but I was able to smell this one just fine. Everything else smelled nice but that one persistent unpleasant smell kept coming back.Eventually I was able to get my nose used to the offerings from NR and fell in love! So I returned the perfume, got my refund , and have since found my mind wandering back to this perfume.I was told this one was pretty much a dupe so I blind bought it and it’s wonderful and is very very close. I think I might have to repurchase a bottle because I can't get it out of my head.

Oddly I have heard that about this fragrance and Narisco Rodriguez brands as well. I bought it, sprayed it on and couldn't get past the " bug spray" accord I kept smelling.This one smells MATURE to me like when you grew up and you make a name for yourself, something like that.