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While we've been known to do the same at times, we also know that above the specifics, there are five main facets that a watch guy should be thinking about when building a vintage collection.

There's no question that chronographs are in, and we think every collection should have a high-quality vintage offering from a brand like Heuer, Omega or Universal Genève.

The story of the watch's fabled designer intersects with a unique technological history, making for a timepiece that is as sought after as it is enjoyable to wear.

With its sleek 35mm case (in 18K solid Rose Gold, no less), which tapers sumptuously to its twisted lugs, a supremely crisp two-tone cream/silver dial, and a Calibre 215 Micro-Rotor automatic movement, this watch gets the nod on specs alone.

The Polerouter was Genta's first watch hit, penned by the young Swiss designer at the age of 23.Flying over the North Pole presented a unique set of challenges for a watch, and the Polerouter was designed to be highly resistant to magnetic fields (in addition to the usual shock and water resistance) so as to maintain accuracy during the trip.