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If a product uses power, then power consumption and power quality measurements must be made as part of product design and test.

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Although most of us have been exposed to basic power measurement equations, a primer is helpful to summarize this information and to show how it applies to product design and test.

Many industry trends are conspiring to make power analysis an important consideration for designers.

As the demands of society and its reliance on advanced technology continue to grow, so energy consumption is increasing at a rate that is unsustainable without a significant shift to alternative energy sources - which themselves require the use of new power electronic technology in the form of high-frequency inverters.

The Yokogawa WT210 power analyzer was used by "The Tech Report - PC Hardware Explored" to measure power consumption under load for two articles (Intel's Xeon 5600 processors and Nvidia Ge Force GTX 480 and 470 graphics processors).

A Digital Power Analyzer is an instrument for research & development, design validation, and manufacturing test used to accurately measure electrical power characteristics.